Common physical activity  such as walking, running, or swimming, are helps to pump blood from cardio vascular walls to others parts of body in normal flow. This process helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system and supply the oxygen to cell walls in normal way. Hence it is called as the cardio exercise. A strong cardio vascular system is delivering more oxygen to all over cells without any blocks. Body which has cardio respiratory fitness, body composition, muscle strength and body flexibility is called as physical fitness.

Performing cardio exercises daily helps to prevent the body from cardio vascular disease like atherosclerosis (deposition of cholesterol), hyper tension, lowering in blood pressure hyper cholesterolemia and other diseases like diabetics, obesity, cancer.



How physical inactivity associated with heart disease?

The physical inactivity leads to obesity. Obesity is condition were body fat and body mass index 20% greater from normal body fat. Most of the researches proved that obesity is caused due to consumption of fatty foods and junk foods. The excess deposition of fat cell leads to Atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis is condition were the deposition of cholesterol in blood vessel. It makes blood vessel to Harding and inflammation in blood vessels. It leads to slow down of blood flow and supply of oxygen blood to other parts of body finally causes to blood clot and failure in blood circulation system. The cardio exercise like jogging and walking with normal speed in treadmillhelps to maintain your blood flow. The walking also helps to burn out the unwanted cholesterol in blood and safe your cardio from blood clot, Harding of blood vessel, improper blood circulation. Exercise in combination of weight reduction can helps to prevent other chronic diseases.

Stress free exercise for Patients with chronic  Heart diseases.

Walking is the one of the best exercise for the chronic  Heart diseases patients. Researchers found that most of the heart diseases caused by the stress. When the person is in thinking the metabolic activity get increases 25% then our normal metabolic activity. The loneliness leads to stress and risk for patient suffering from heart failure.

Recent studies have proven that exercises with hearing pleasant rhythm helps to overcome stress. The stress free exercise for heart failure patient is walking in low impact treadmills with an additional feature of MP3 options. This treadmill with additional options helps to change the patients mood into happy by hearing joyful rhythm in normal speed. This technique helps to keep your mental and physical health in healthy with special emphasis on your cardio vascular system. It also helps to increases your cardio activity very effectively and prevents you from cardiovascular diseases.

Rhythm with exercise for cardio vascular disease

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