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Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder in which the body failed to utilize glucose completely or partially. This result in raised glucose concentration in blood and alteration in metabolism. This is due to pancreas failed to secrete insulin we called as type 1 diabetics or beta cell failed to activate insulin that is type2 diabetics.

Treadmill in coimbatorebangalore,chennai
Treadmill in coimbatore,bangalore,chennai

What are the reasons for diabetics?

The causes for type 1 diabetics are due to virus infection or auto immunity. The virus triggers in autoimmune reaction and ultimately destroys the beta cells and pancreas failed to secrete insulin. The causes for type 2 diabetics is life style factors including obesity, age, abdominal fat, physical inactivity, high glycemic index foods, pregnancy.

Is diabetics is curable?

  Type 2 diabetes is initially managed by increasing exercise and dietary change Yes, type 2 diabetics is curable by increasing your common physical exercise like walking, running, jogging. Most common powerful exercise is walking and running.  Main cause for type2 diabetics are obesity. Increased amount of hormones secreted in obesity body, these hormones makes the beta cells to dysfunction. Pancreas release insulin due to hormones it fails to activate.

Obesity is condition were accumulation of excess adipose tissue in the body leading to more than 20% of desirable weight. A combination of diet and exercise has proven to be the most effective way to control diabetes and protective from pre diabetes. Pre diabetics is condition were patients are obesity and risk for diabetes less physical activity leads to pre diabetics into diabetics.

How walking and running helps in type 2 diabetics.

Running and walking are common physical activity to burn out your calories in very effective way. While walking muscles and fat cells get active that made more receptive to insulin. In other words muscles and fat cells get open the door for absorption for glucose.

Low impact treadmill for diabetic patient plays a protective method of weight loss. Low impact treadmill which has cushioning effect it means the belt is made of cushions .this treadmill does not damaging the feet of diabetic patients. Walking and abdomen crunch exercise helps in insulin activation very faster.

Advantage of running in low impact treadmill

  • .Low impact treadmill has cushioning effect it helps to take you away from knee pain and back pain.
  • Walking in treadmill is the 1st killer for cardiovascular disease and pre diabetics.
  • In lesser time you can burn out more calories
  • Walking in treadmill manages stress and increases mental capacity
  • It saves your golden time.
  • Walking in treadmill helps to trims your waistline
  • Walking helps to increases your glucose absorption in muscles and fat cells and keeps your glucose level in normal.
  • Low impact treadmill does not produce heat effect to our body.
  • Walking in treadmill lowers risk of stroke.
  • Walking reduces the catabolic hormones which may precipitate the disorder.


Which Treadmill Prevents Diabetics

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