Treadmill in coimbatore

Today, the whole world is running after fitness, healthy food, dieting, gym classes, aerobics, pilates, yoga, dancing to cut out that extra fat from our body and start a healthy lifestyle.

Alcohol, oily food, getting up late, improper breakfast etc. lead to unnecessary fats accumulation. Starving is not the solution, what you need is a pair of sneakers, tracksuit and start with an exercise regime.

Here are some important fitness tips that help you get started.

1. Decision:

Decide what  exercise you need, on which part of your body, are you trying to reduce your body weight, or tone down your abs, hands, thighs or hips.

2. Doctor’s advice:

Hitting the gym and running on treadmills, lifting pounds of weight one fine morning is not right.
Seek a doctor’s advice first; know what exercises are right for you based on your medical conditions.
Discuss the same with gym or yoga instructor; they’ll modify your exercise regime accordingly.

3. Don’t fear, just start:

It’s natural for beginners to have a starting problem.
Seek the help of a fitness trainer or yoga instructor who will guide you through weight training, cardio-vascular, cycling, running.
you’ll learn gradually and get comfortable. Beginners might face body pain and muscle cramps, but it is because your muscles are all jammed up.

4. Make workout enjoyable:

If you don’t enjoy what you are doing you will only waste time and strain yourself.
Mix and match your exercise routine, with running, swimming weight lifting, yoga or aerobics alternating one with the other to feel like exercising daily and not getting bored.

5. Slow start:

Start with only treadmills and cycling to help your body get accustomed to it. You can adapt to a strenuous workout slowly and with time.

In yoga, start with some simple breathing exercises and asanas like shavasanapadmasana, vajrasana, balasana, janushirasana, bhujangasana. Then, explore with shoulder stand, headstands, plow pose, downward dog pose, the list is endless.
It takes time for bones and muscles to adapt to the regime.

6. Signals to stop:

Primary pain in your joints, muscle cramps, body pain is common in the initial stage is common. Consider these signs to be warning:

  • Acute pain in the joints
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Pain in the left or middle part of your chest, left shoulder or arm
  • Pain in any past injury

7. Comfortable outfits: 

It’s important you wear a good pair of shoes, comfortable clothes for a comfortable workout.

8. Discipline:

Maintain discipline while working out, you will feel like you are reaching your desired goal. Be it yoga or any other routine; maintain a routine even if you don’t exercise every day.


9. Warm up:

A bit of lifting up your hands, stretching your legs, jumping and jogging is everything that includes a warming up session. It helps proper blood circulation through your muscles preparing you for workouts.

Treadmill in coimbatore
Treadmill in coimbatore

 10. Diet habits:

Change your dietary habits by including all necessary nutrients to maintain your weight.
Never skip meals; it makes your metabolism rate weak making you feels restless and lethargic.

11. Keep yourself hydrated:

Drink lots of water to supplement your body with hydration.

12. Magic pills don’t work: 

Do not be lured by any advertisement that promises weight loss.
They won’t work; and will give you opposite results.
These 12 tips will help you start your ‘health conscious routine’.



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